Thursday, July 16, 2015

P5 Fraction, Ratio. Percentage (fr YZ)

P6 whole numbers, procedural (fr S.Un)

Ee Ling baked more vanilla cupcakes than chocolate cupcakes. She also baked twice as many strawberry cupcakes as chocolate cupcakes. After she baked another 72 more chocolate cupcakes, she now had 17 more chocolate cupcakes than vanilla cupcakes. In the end, there are a total of 256 cupcakes. How many vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cupcakes did she bake at first?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Speed (olympiad question. Via XL)

> bob is riding a bicycle at 15km per hour to his friend`s house a distance of 9km,
> unfortunately,his bicycle broke down and had to walk to there at 6km per hour
> he used 1 hour to reach there in total.
> QUESTION:What is the distance that he walked?
> NOTE:this is not impossible :)

Circles (fr NMOS, via pw)