Tuesday, December 30, 2014

P5 numbers, conditional (fr Ranice)

A tin of cookies is to be shared among some children.If each child gets 12 cookies,there will be a shortage of 25 cookies.If each child gets 10 cookies,there will be 7 cookies extra.How many cookies are there in the tin?

Monday, December 15, 2014

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)3

Mr Hua bought 40 packs of Christmas cards at the price of $12 per pack.He sent 30 of these cards to his friends and sold the rest at $3 each.If he made a profit of $270,find the number of Christmas cards in each pack.

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)2

Jason bought 16 boxes of erasers at the price of $5 per box.He donated 120 erasers to an orphanage and sold the rest of the erasers at 70 cents each.If he made a profit of $60,find
(a)the number of erasers in each box
(b)the cost price of each eraser.

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)

May bought 25 packets of hairpins at the price of $8 per packet.She kept 50 hairpins for her own use and sold the rest of the hairpins at 20 cents each.If she made a profit of $40,find the number of hairpins in each packet.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Algebra (Fr CCL)

AB is a two-digit number. BA is the two-digit number with the 2 digits of AB interchanging position.

(i) Observe what happens when you perform AB - BA. Try different combinations of AB and BA.
(ii) Explain/proof (using Algebra or otherwise) why the results in (i) always turn out to be multiples of 9?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

P6 circles (fr Eunice)

P6 Numbers, measurement (fr Kevin)

An ant is climbing up a slippery wall.  After every 3 cm it climb up , it slide down 1 cm. It takes the ant 3 seconds for it to climb up 1 cm and 1 second for it to slide 1 cm

A) how far can it climb in a minute

B) how long does it take to climb 60 cm

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P6 number, measurement (fr Elston)

P6 rate, 'great wall of China' (fr Lloyd )

P6 fraction n percentage (fr Zachary )

P6 Pie chart (fr Dylan tan)

P6 geometry (fr beile)

P6 geometry (fr Thet )

Find BDC.

P6 rate (fr Lloyd )

P6 percentage (fr Caleb)

P6 fraction, percentage (fr Xavier, PP5, st Hilda's )