Tuesday, September 23, 2014

P6 circles (fr Eunice)

P6 Numbers, measurement (fr Kevin)

An ant is climbing up a slippery wall.  After every 3 cm it climb up , it slide down 1 cm. It takes the ant 3 seconds for it to climb up 1 cm and 1 second for it to slide 1 cm

A) how far can it climb in a minute

B) how long does it take to climb 60 cm

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P6 number, measurement (fr Elston)

P6 rate, 'great wall of China' (fr Lloyd )

P6 fraction n percentage (fr Zachary )

P6 Pie chart (fr Dylan tan)

P6 geometry (fr beile)

P6 geometry (fr Thet )

Find BDC.

P6 rate (fr Lloyd )

P6 percentage (fr Caleb)

P6 fraction, percentage (fr Xavier, PP5, st Hilda's )

Saturday, September 20, 2014

P6 speed (fr Kanzen)2

P6 speed (fr Kanzen)

P6 area, star (fr max)

P6 average (fr Priscilla )

P6 fraction n percentage (Fr Zachary)

3/5 of the people at the party were adults. 75% of the remainder were boys. There were 150 more adults than girls. After more children came to the party, there was 60% more children. How many more children joined the party?

P6 area and geometry (fr max)

P6 volume (fr max)

P6 percentage (fr max)

P6 area (fr max)

P6 circles (fr max)