Monday, February 9, 2015

P5 fractions (fr YZ)

There were 85 fewer black marbles than white marbles in a box. After 1/4 of the black marbles and 3/7 of the white marbles were taken out, there was an equal number of black and white marbles in the box. What is the total number of marbles in the box at first?

P5 whole numbers (fr YZ)

Nicole had 4 times as many beads as Audrey. After they each bought an equal number of beads, Audrey had 162 beads and Nicole had three times as many beads as Audrey.
(a) How many beads did Nicole have at first?
(b) How many beads did each of them buy?

P6 Olympiad question on critical thinking

Out of 3 statements from each person, 1 statement per person is wrong.