Tuesday, December 30, 2014

P5 numbers, conditional (fr Ranice)

A tin of cookies is to be shared among some children.If each child gets 12 cookies,there will be a shortage of 25 cookies.If each child gets 10 cookies,there will be 7 cookies extra.How many cookies are there in the tin?

Monday, December 15, 2014

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)3

Mr Hua bought 40 packs of Christmas cards at the price of $12 per pack.He sent 30 of these cards to his friends and sold the rest at $3 each.If he made a profit of $270,find the number of Christmas cards in each pack.

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)2

Jason bought 16 boxes of erasers at the price of $5 per box.He donated 120 erasers to an orphanage and sold the rest of the erasers at 70 cents each.If he made a profit of $60,find
(a)the number of erasers in each box
(b)the cost price of each eraser.

P5 Whole Numbers (fr: Ranice)

May bought 25 packets of hairpins at the price of $8 per packet.She kept 50 hairpins for her own use and sold the rest of the hairpins at 20 cents each.If she made a profit of $40,find the number of hairpins in each packet.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Algebra (Fr CCL)

AB is a two-digit number. BA is the two-digit number with the 2 digits of AB interchanging position.

(i) Observe what happens when you perform AB - BA. Try different combinations of AB and BA.
(ii) Explain/proof (using Algebra or otherwise) why the results in (i) always turn out to be multiples of 9?